SINCE 1975


Arron srl was founded in 1975 as Cinturificio Zarroni by the extraordinary skill of its founder, Alfredo Zarroni and his wife Susanna, in Arezzo, Tuscany, the heart of Italian leather production. The company started with the production of hand-crafted belts for the biggest fashion brands and it has developed, since 1995, his own brand.

Craftsmanship and innovation have been the distinctive features from the very beginning along with an approach to the work that has combined the best tradition of Made in Italy leather goods to the ever changing demands of the market, turning his know-how into art of making.


As a matter of facts we’ve recently enriched our collections of belts with handbags. New products but the same old tradition and passion for the leather design. The company is evolving and entering new markets and new business challenges with the second generation, the two daughters of the founders: Tamara e Eleonora. New machines, more and more technological, are flanked by more traditional ones, automatic cutting machines together with cutting presses and manual cutters. Innovation, according to Arron’s philosophy, must always be based on the most solid tradition.

For us, quality comes first, that’s why we are always looking for top raw materials from vegetable tanned leathers to the finest nappa and lambs. All of our products literally come to life inside our factory: we design, cut, stitch, glue, pack and finally ship them all over the world after a careful quality control.

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